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Morgan has written or produced more than 250 episodes of primetime television and has served as Showrunner or Executive Producer on four series. His proprietary “6 Boxes to Check” storytelling process has been adopted by dozens of film & TV writers and producers, and is now helping corporate clients hone their media materials and investor pitches.

01. Script & Story Consultant

As a script and story consultant, I can help you refine your screenplay or manuscript and provide feedback on elements like character development, plot structure, and dialogue. With my expertise in storytelling, I can help you take your story to the next level.

02. TV Series Development

If you have a great idea for a TV show but don’t know where to start, I can help. I offer TV series development services, where I can guide you through the process of creating a pitch, developing a pilot episode, and outlining the rest of the series.

03. Script Doctoring

If you’ve already written a screenplay but it needs some work, I offer script doctoring services. I can help you identify areas for improvement and suggest changes to make your script stronger. With my feedback, you can turn a good script into a great one.

04. Screenwriting Coaching

As a screenwriting coach, I can work with you one-on-one to help you develop your skills as a writer. I also offer master classes for groups, where you can learn from my experience and get feedback on your work.

05. Story-finding

If you’re struggling to come up with a great story idea, I can help. With my story-finding services, I can work with you to brainstorm ideas and find the perfect concept for your project.

06. Video Production

If you need help producing a video for your business or organization, I offer video production services. From concept to post-production, I can help you create a professional-quality video that tells your story and engages your audience.