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Find your story’s inner light.

Award-winning screenwriter Morgan Gendel can help.

Morgan Gendel

Hollywood storytelling techniques applied to your script or product

Morgan has written or produced more than 250 episodes of primetime television and has served as Showrunner or Executive Producer on four series. His proprietary “6 Boxes to Check” storytelling process has been adopted by dozens of film & TV writers and producers, and is now helping corporate clients hone their media materials and investor pitches.

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What I Do

  • TV Series Development
  • Script Doctoring
  • Product Narrative
  • Screenwriting Coaching & Master Classes
  • Video Production

Aerospace & Engineering

Morgan helped shape the narrative for the 2022 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition’s panel and workshop on “Systems Engineering Requirements for Space Habitats.”

Star Trek

Morgan won the Hugo Award for Literary Science Fiction for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “The Inner Light,” which The Hollywood Reporter called “Trek’s most beloved story.”

Find Your Story’s Inner Light

Everything has a story – every company, product, process, and entertainment project. The key to success is finding that unique special notion that makes it glow from the inside – and stand out from the clutter! Morgan has done it for TV series and he can do it for you.


A former news reporter, Morgan combined his nose for a great story with an inventive imagination to create award-winning TV. Today he devises arresting written and visual communications for corporations, products and the screen. He pays it forward by developing humanitarian projects and by teaching writers and producers worldwide.

Corporate, Government & Aerospace

TV Consulting


Giving Back


Screenplays and product pitches that are well intentioned yet fail to excite suffer from the same problem: they haven’t checked all 6 Boxes that are must-haves to maximize your storytelling. Now let’s get specific: Morgan can work with you in the following areas, in order of most requested, to help you get where you need to go.

01. Product Narrative

After in-taking your product or service’s details and learning your goals, I present a re-worked concept built from the ground up using solid storytelling principles. We will brainstorm together – you know your company better than anyone – and I will create the communications materials you need. Increasingly this means a superior deck or website boiled down to some grabby text backed by eye-catching graphics. But it all starts with knowing your own story.

02. TV Series Development

Often producers have their mythical elevator pitch or some IP (Intellectual Property), and not much more. I run workshops on how to build a series methodically and imaginatively. Conceive a World, Characters & Plot that compellingly interlock, figure out your series’ beginning and end, create a synopsis, beat sheet, outline, then pilot script. That gets you your Episode 1, and from there, we’re up to 40,000 feet to rough out Season One. I can workshop this with your team or simply make it so.

03. Script Doctoring

I analyze a story then pitch it back to the producer or studio with a subtle change in emphasis that adds emotional conflict. Next, I deliver a revised story outline and, when that’s approved, I rewrite the script, modernizing it and improving action and dialog. Your input at every stage ensures that the only surprise will be how much you like the new version.

04. Screenwriting Coaching

Writers often have a compelling and original story… then scratch their heads wondering why the resulting script doesn’t leap off the page. I’ll walk you through the 6 Boxes to Check and you’ll be amazed at the immediate improvements. Then I’ll ride shotgun, keeping everything on track as you pilot your teleplay or screenplay to your desired destination.

05. Teaching & Speaking

These are labors of love. I’ve taught screenwriting here and abroad for 15 years. Many former students have secured TV writing jobs. I also give talks about my adventures in Hollywood, and how meeting George Lucas, co-writing with Mark Hamill, and collaborating with Stan Lee and Wm. Shatner booted me into the wormhole that led to aerospace. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! (And yes, I manage to work the Beatles into the talk. “Inner Light,” anyone? )

06. Video Production

You can always find a video crew to shoot for you. Knowing what to shoot is a different story. That’s where I come in. I’ll discuss your needs, then conceptualize the style and content of a video that’s best for you. Then I’ll make sure it gets done right, finding the ideal crew and securing the graphics and music cues that will make your project sing. All you need is popcorn.

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